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    Voice recordings

    Voice recordings have formed the majority of my work since 1980.
    Whether you need voice recordings for adverts, TV, audio plays, educational courses or a voiceover artist for corporate films, websites, cinema advertising, music spots, audio books or telephone answering systems - my aim is to provide the perfect voiceover, whatever your requirements.
    My modern sound studio, in which I produce many of the voice recordings, is accessible worldwide via Musictaxi or APT-X.
    Of course, it's not possible for every voiceover artist to record absolutely everything, but the range increases enormously as the years go on. I was a radio presenter (hr3, RTL) for 15 years, have acted with the Volksbühne Bad Homburg theatre amongst others and have also amassed a great deal of experience in live presenting at all kinds of events.
    I haven't counted how many hours I have spent doing voice recordings, nor how many thousands of pages of text I have spoken aloud into one microphone or another but I must have done (almost) everything that can be done in terms of voice recordings:
    radio presenting (hr1-4), cultural news for 3SAT ('Kulturzeit' programme), off-camera voice artist for ZDF ('Umwelt' programme), SAT1 ('Automagazin', 'Planetopia' programmes) and ARTE, docusoaps for Kabel 1, advertising voiceovers for almost all kinds of products, voiceover for the information panels in Haus der Deutschen Geschichte in Bonn, presenting at numerous trade fairs and events, DJ at over 630 discos, trailer voiceovers for RTL, voice recordings for several telephone banking systems, dubbing artist for films both good and bad, station voice, voice of BMW's speech processing system, actor, audio book recordings, etc.

    Voice over agency

    It really isn't the case that there is only one good voiceover artist in the world. My customers often ask me if I can recommend an additional voiceover artist for them in order to make particular productions more interesting. This is what led me to the idea of establishing the international voice over agency www.worldwidevoices.de a virtual sound studio in which all (good) voiceover artists from any country can be booked and their voices recorded.
    A database of voice over artists was established in 2003 and now contains more than 2600 professional voiceover artists worldwide. And because voice recordings can now be sent easily via the Internet, recordings are often made where the artists live. That often means London or Paris, and sometimes Canada or even Thailand.
    For customers, it's simple:
    you look for a voice over talent using my voice over agency www.worldwidevoices.de and I do the rest - including translation services.
    Give it a try - you'll save yourself a lot of hassle and money.

    Video production

    In 1992, after I had been involved for several years in producing hundreds of so-called PoS films, I opened the "MultiMedia-Studio". New digital technology enables the post-production process to be done on computers, and modern digital cameras deliver better images than the expensive studio cameras of the 80s.
    Thanks to these efficient tools, changes, additions and further language versions can be added quickly.
    Whereas you used to have to procure several thousand euros worth of equipment, today you only need a three-chip camera and a fast computer. The HD format is used by many television stations. As with voice and music, knowledge of various complicated programmes is also a must here. I have been interested in films and filming ever since I was a child, so I am familiar with the evolution of film, from analogue right through to digital production processes.
    I offer the following services:

    Exciting video intros for conferences
    Localisation of foreign-language corporate videos
    Eye-catching trade fair presentations
    Original point-of-sale videos
    In-house video with motivation incentives
    TV ads for local and regional TV broadcasters
    Training videos
    Video versions of instruction manuals

    Music produktion

    What applies to language applies all the more to music. In this field, it is necessary to be proficient in dozens of software tools, as well as being musical. In my music studio, I only have "virtual" musical instruments, which means that every note and every sound is recorded using a master keyboard. Whether symphony orchestra, techno synthesiser or pop piano, there is almost nothing that I don't have here.
    I usually produce background music for corporate films, or musical signature tunes for Internet animations; the sound and music inserts for the Volksbühne theatre are also created here.
    Meanwhile my son Julian, who had some chart success with dancefloor music, is going to take over the music production studio more and more...