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    Voice artist since 1980

    Rainer Maria Ehrhardt began his voice artist career as Radio DJ for Radio Luxembourg and "Hessischer Rundfunk", Frankfurt. It didn't take much time and you could hear him in a lot of commercials. With the foundation of his "MultiMedia-Studios" he had all possibilities to do his own audio-recordings. Later he started video production business as well. More than 600 Point-of-sale-videos were made by him and his company. As a former musician and production assistant of Frank Farian (Boney M., Milli Vanilli etc.) he also produced the music for these corporate videos.

    His voice could be heard on nearly all German TV- and Radiostations.

    Not only in commercials, but also in many German TV-stations. He was the German voice for the BBC-series "Wonderful World" and spoke the News at the 3SAT-show "Kulturzeit" for fourteen years! His voice can cover many moods and helps many productions to become really successful. Since 2003 Ehrhardt runs an own voice over agency ("WorldWIdeVoices") with more than 2500 professional voice artists from all over the world. And that´s not all: in his spare time Rainer leads the theater "Volksbühne Bad Homburg". He´s playing on stage or he directs new plays.