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  • Fees



    Local radio spots starting from 75.- Euro.
    Regional radio spots starting from 150.- Euro.
    National radio spots starting from 480.- Euro.
    Local TV-Spots starting from 100.- Euro.
    Regional TV-Spots starting from 200.- Euro.
    National TV-Spots staring from 600.- Euro.
    Additional Internet usage: +50%.
    The distribution rights are limited to one year.
    Additional years are +50%.



    Up to 2 minutes of recorded script: 300.- Euro.
    Up to 5 minutes of recorded script: 400.- Euro.
    Every additional five minutes: 100.- Euro.

    Distribution rights are unlimited and include the distribution rights for Internet, trade fairs, point-of-sale-installations and similar.



    Rainer Maria Ehrhardt also would like to work as a presenter for your company-events, fairs or partys. The fee for this work will be 1500.- Euro per day. He´s not working as a DJ anymore..


    E-Learning and Audioguides

    The first 5 minutes are 300.- Euro. Every additional 5 minutes are 60.- Euros. Editing and naming of the files is included. Distribution rights are unlimited.


    Audio books

    The first recording day including preparation is 750.- Euro. Additional days are 500.- Euros each, whereas the recording time is limited to four hours per day.


    Answering machines

    Up to 3 Messages 300.- Euro.
    Bigger answering systems, for banking purposes for example, have to be dealed external. Distribution rights are unlimited.


    Recording studio

    The audio recording itself is free. Only if you demand any special work like soplicing a recording in many single files, will be calculated with 130.- Euros per hour.

    Please read my terms of business, "GTC". They are part of our agreement.